Frequently Asked Questions

We use the best quality ingredients as our products go through multiple testing before being produced.

Indrani name comes from the Indian mythology. Indrani is the wife of Indra – King of Gods. Indrani is the goddess of beauty and jealousy. That’s where we get the name as we feel its apt for our company. Beauty is what you will achieve after using our products and jealousy is what you will produce from the people that see your beauty!
Absolutely! We don’t test our products on animals! We believe in living in a cruelty free world and we hold our ethics and principles to a higher standard than others.

We would like to be honest with you. There is no product in the world that will make you miraculously fair if you are dark skinned. Despite the adverts and campaigns, you see in media where dark skin is frowned upon and seen as a form of ugliness, we believe in upholding all forms of beauty. Beauty is not something we measure according to pigmentation.

However, there are multiple products in our range which will radically improve your skin tone, complexion and help you get better results. Your desired product needs depend on your skin type, requirements etc. So, feel free to chat about your skin with our experts on our customer care helpline and we will be happy to help you.

Absolutely! If you are a prospective distributer or would like to be our sole supplier in a particular part of the country, feel free to call on the given numbers to discuss further.


Yes! We deliver absolutely anywhere on this planet! Even if you are located in the most remote corners of the world, we will cross the seven seas to get to you!