November 11, 20190


In November 2018, Indrani Cosmetics made a donation of beauty products to Beauty Banks which helped in meeting basic hygienic needs to homeless and refugees in UK.  Our supplies help in making sure a homeless person gets some shower gel to shower before oing for a job interview which may be the difference between him getting a life changing job or being back on the streets. Indrani Cosmetics is proud to be a partner of Beauty  Banks and helping make a difference towards people’s lives.

Beauty Banks is a non-profit – like Foodbanks but with essential personal care & beauty items instead. We collect, re-package and distribute parcels to our charity partners – registered foodbanks & shelters who ensure donations get to those who need them. We believe that clean hair, freshly washed skin, deodorant on our body and clean teeth is a right, not a privilege. And that personal hygiene is crucial for our dignity and self-pride – a way to feel human and able to face the day, face the world. Beyond the basic daily essentials, we also believe that beauty items such as face wash, razors and shaving cream and moisturiser can support those in crisis who are looking for a job, who are going back into education (or are in education) or simply to instil some self-confidence and dignity.

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